Aareal Award of Excellence 2008

The Aareal Award of Excellence in Real Estate Research, carrying prize monies totalling € 10,000, was awarded for the first time on 29 February 2008 at the 9th EBS Real Estate Congress “Real Estate Risk Management – Risk with Reason”.


The jury awarded first place to Michael Zingel from Kaiserslautern Technical College for his work on the “Analysis of Real Estate Private Equity Investments in Germany”.

Second place was awarded to Stephanie Beckers from the European Business School, for her work on “High Yield Bonds due to LBO sale of Real Estate Private Equity Divestment”.

Stephan Austrup from the Biberach Construction Academy came third with his work on “Real Estate Private Equity for Project Developers“.

Dr Julia Gengten was awarded a special prize for her dissertation on “Strategies of German Banks for Dealing with Distressed Property Loans”.