Aareal Award of Excellence 2015

The Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) of the EBS Business School and Aareal Bank AG have granted for the eighth time the Aareal Award of Excellence in Real Estate Research for academically-outstanding research work in real estate economics. The majority of the applications came from abroad and especially from North America and Asia. This year's topics were: Real Estate Management, Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Economics for the three categories: Dissertation, Research Paper, MSc-/BSc-/Diploma Thesis. The winners received their awards from the initiators: Professor Jan Mutl, EBS REMI, Dagmar Knopek, Aareal Bank AG and Christof Hardebusch, Immobilien Manager Verlag.
For the Aareal Award of Excellence in Real Estate Research 2015 submissions could be lodged until 15 November 2014. The prizes was awarded on 6 March 2015. 

The winners

Category of Dissertation/Ph.D

Dr. Eva Steiner, University of Cambridge, UK, in the category of Dissertation for her work: “Essays on the capital structure of Real Estate Investment Trusts” (abstract).

Category of Research paper

Professor Desmond Tsang, PhD, McGill University, Canada, for his work: “The Role of Debt Covenants in the Investment Grade Bond Market – The REIT Experiment”  (abstract).

Category of DMSc-/BSc-/Diploma Thesis

Klara H. Kan, University of Cambridge, UK, for her work: “A multi-factor approach to international real estate returns: How has the Global Financial Crisis Changed Factor Loadings?” (abstract).

Simon Romeiß (EBS-REMI), Prof Jan Mutl (Managing Director EBS Real Estate Management Institute), the winners Dr Eva Steiner, Klara H. Kan and Prof Desmond Tsang, Dagmar Knopek (Member of the Management Board, Aareal Bank AG), Christof Hardebusch (Chief Editor, Immobilien Manager Verlag) and Yannik Isselhorst (EBS-REMI)